About Us

The first restaurant of its kind in the Bay Area, serving exclusive Maharashtrian vegetarian and Non Vegetarian cuisine. Bombay to goa was conceptualized by a group of friends who were tired of not being to find a good place to eat out, and they were not alone harboring that angst. There were no places that served Authentic Maharashtrian food, nor Goan food in the bay. Hence, Bombay to Goa was created based on a need that was left unattended. Bombay to Goa serves its very own recipes prepared and served in an authentic way. Join us to dine-in or takeaway our traditional Maharashtrian and Goan delicacies.

At Bombay to Goa we care about our patrons health as much as we care about appeasing their taste buds. So we are committed to serving consistently good quality food prepared fresh, with the finest, natural, ingredients. Our masalas (spices) are mostly made-in-house by top notch chefs that adds a homely flavor to our food.

A little about Maharashtrian Cuisine

Maharashtrian food can be best described as an exciting play of desi masalas. Vadas are regarded as a specialty of Mumbai as they are known to have originated from there. If you travel across the state, you will experience a significant change in flavours and prominence of local ingredients. The use of freshly ground masalas like malvani masala, goda masala and kala masala, is the highlight of Maharashtrian cuisine.

Vegetables, lentils along with grains like wheat, rice, jowar and bajra constitute an integral part of everyday cooking. Breads are also given a lot of significance in a staple Maharashtrian diet and you have vadas, pavs, polis served in combination with bhajjis,missal, ussal or ragda. The Kolhapur region is famous for its authentic white and red mutton curries as well as its traditional
green chilly chutney.

The Konkan belt cooks generously with coconut milk,cashew nuts, rice and mangoes. Kokum is another ingredient that is typical to most of the Maharashtrian preparations; it is widely used in place of tamarind. Aurangabad offers you a fusion between the quintessential Maharashtrian style cooking and Mughlai flavours.

At Bombay to Goa, we try unravel some of the classics of Maharashtrian cuisine. Bombay to Goa was inspired to serve the people who are missing Maharashtrian food in all non marathi region like Bay Area. We are trying to make Bombay to Goa memorable not only for its subtle variety and strong flavours, but also for Maharashtrian hospitality through our customer service.

A little about Goan Cuisine
Located in India’s west coast,Goa is a small state along the Arabian Sea. Goa has a rich and varied history that dates back as far as 30,000 years. The cuisine consists of a mixture of Portuguese, Arab and Indian influences. Seafood, coconut milk, rice and local spices are the main ingredients which give Goan cuisine its robust and intense flavour. While planning our menu at Bombay to Goa, we have tried to incorporate the history of Goa in order to bring you the true taste of Goan cuisine.

Here at ‘Bombay to Goa’ restaurant, each and every item is freshly prepared to order using the finest ingredients available. The success of our style of cooking depends on the very best ingredients being treated in a authentic way to enhance their natural flavours, therefore you might face a little wait time with you orders, it only so that our qualified chefs can ensure your meal is prepared with expertise and care.